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Since 1999, Glorious Color, Inc, has specialized in the quilt fabric and books created by Kaffe Fassett and Liza Prior Lucy. We carry all of Kaffe's quilt fabrics. We make fabric packs for many of the quilts featured in Kaffe Fassett`s Heritage Quilts, Quilt Grandeur, Kaffe Quilts Again, Kaffe Fassett's Simple Shapes, and other sources. We also carry all fabrics from Philip Jacobs and Brandon Mably and selections from Marcia Derse,plus appliqué patterns by Kim McLean and Susan Powell.

  Kaffe Fassett's
Heritage Quilts 
   Kaffe Fassett's
Tote Bags
  Heritage Quilts            Tote Bags  
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All 20 Quilts from Kaffe Fassett`s Heritage Quilts
Earthy Herringbone Stripes   Autumn Crosses   Trip Around the World
 Earthy Herringbone Stripes   Autumn Crosses    Trip Around the World
Kaffe Fassett`s
Quilts in Morocco
Kaffe Fassett's
Heritage Quilts 

 Brilliant Little Patchworks

Quilts in Morocco Heritage Quilts  Brilliant Little Patchworks 
   Available Now  

Kaffe's Classic Fabrics in New Colors

 Smoke Thousand Flowers  Ochre Spots  Purple Lotus Leaf 
Cherry Ferns   Dusty Dream

Philip's New Fabrics for Spring 2015

Red Shaggy

 Aqua Pansies

Yellow Floral Delight

Blue Spiral Shells  Black Anne-Marie

Cobalt Rose Bloom




Brandon's New Fabrics for Spring 2015

Brown Brandon`s Brocade

Purple Roller Coaster

Summer Striped Camoflage

 Ornage Creased Tomato Shoal 
 logo is a fantastic way to view our fabrics. Click on any one of the color ribbons on that site and you will be shown fabrics that harmonize well together. Kaffe's philosophy is to use many fabrics that are closely toned but not perfect matches to create interest in his quilts. The ribbons will give you a fresh perspective on Kaffe's, Philip's and Brandon's fabric collections.

  Creative Rosy Quilt Top   Creativebug<br>Dreamy Hexagons Quilt  
Rosy Quilt
Dreamy Hexagons Quilt

Kim McLean's
Trees of the Four Seasons applique pattern and starter fabric pack.



Trees of the Four Seasons Applique Pattern    
  Other Applique Patterns by Kim McLean  
  Roseville Album   Stars & Sprigs   Flower Garden  
  Roseville Album...   Stars & Sprigs   Flower Garden  
Quilt Grandeur cover   Shots and Stripes Cover   Kaffe Quilts Again

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