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Before Kaffe Fassett designed his own line of quilting fabric, he and Liza amassed quite a large stash. These fabrics were collected for Glorious Patchwork, Passionate Patchwork and Museum Quilts.

It is time for us to clear some shelves, and so much of the glorious stash is being sold. All the fabric is 100% quilting weight cotton from companies such as Kauffman, Timeless Treasures, Hoffman, South Seas, Free Spirit, Benartex, and P &B. Most of the pieces of fabric are quarters and halves. Some have a bite taken out of them. There are some swatch size pieces. There are some bigger pieces.

We have filled medium sized flat fee boxes with fabric and each box weighs over 5 pounds (2+ kilos). 3-4 yards weighs 1 pound so each box contains 15- 20 yards total. As with our scrap bags, availability may be extremely limited. Don't delay!