Kaffe Paisley Jungle Printed Velvet Border

Kaffe Paisley Jungle Printed Velvet Border

This digitally printed velvet border is 5" wide (measures 5.5 inches between the unfinished edges). This design was created by Odile Bailloeul who was inspired by Kaffe Fassett's Paisley Jungle design.

A very ornamental border featuring cashmere palmettes in acid colors. An elegant pattern that can be enriched with pearls and sequins for a sumptuous effect.

The velvety texture is amazingly soft and really pleasant to the touch! Use it as a gorgeous and unique embellishment on bags, pouches, clothes, or cushions. You can also create your own patchwork fabric by stitching pieces together. Printed in France, the border is 100% polyester and machine washable at 30°C /86°F or cooler (no softener or tumble dryer).

The border is marked with a white line on the selvage at every 1/2 meter. It is sold and priced by 1/2 meter (19-5/8") increments. If you order multiple units, we will provide continuous border - not 1/2 meter cuts.

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