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Glorious Hexagons

Glorious Hexagons by Liza Prior Lucy       Carnival Hexagons by Kim McLean 
Garden Hexagons: 90"x90"    Carnival Hexagons: 96"x90"
by Liza Lucy    by Kim McLean 

English Paper Piecing is a traditional handpiecing technique that is fun and easy. To make either of these two quilts, you will need several items:  The New Hexagon book by Katja Marek (available as an eBook from the publisher), the Glorious Hexagon booklet, paper foundation shapes that are sold in 12 separate packages that each contain papers for 28 of the hexagons,  and LOTS of fabric.  All twelve paper pieces packages are available. The acrylic templates suitable for rotary cutting are optional but make the project much simpler.  We strongly recommend the Bohin glue pen to  "baste" the fabrics to the papers.  Our prefered thread is YLI silk 100 weight and prefered needles are the size 10 Foxglove Cottage straw needles.

We have put together Glorious Hexagon Fabric Starter Packs.  Each starter pack has a large scale print that determines the palette for that pack. That fabric is on the left in each photo below. There will be enough of that main print to fussy cut to make many kaleidoscopic hexagon blocks. This will be the fabric that sets the tone for your quilt. The packs contain many other fabrics to support that main fabric. There is nothing standard about these packs. The amounts and types of fabrics in each pack were chosen to support the main fabric.  The total yardage in each pack is 11 yards. As you make your Glorious Hexagon quilt you will need and want more fabrics as you go along. Think of the starter packs as a palette of basic paints and as your project develops, you will want some different and new paints.

  Appliqué Pins and Needles   Silk Appliqué Thread